Tuesday, April 12, 2011

All our bags are packed. We're ready to go!

Things have been pretty busy around the Stowers home. We have been busy packing up our house because we are moving to St. George!!! Evan got a job down there and we are so excited to be moving to a warmer place!! We both hate the snow! All my family live down there and I am so excited to be closer to them! It will be so nice having all they're help when baby boy number 2 comes along.
This is our last week in Salt Lake and then we are headed down south. This weekend we are going to Newport beach to stay in a beach house with Ev's family for a week. We are sooo soo excited!!! It's been way too long since we have been to the beach and I am in great need of a nice sun tan! Nixon James will be turning ONE! next week. I seriously can't believe it! My little baby boy is growing up toooo fast! He's such a cutie, we love him sooooo much!

Conference weekend my sisters and brother came up to help me pack and clean our apartment. They we're so nice to come up and help me! Thanks for all your help!! Haiven girl did a good job at entertaining little Nix. They are going to have so much fun playing together now that we are going to live so close!
The little Ducky and the Monkey.

Nix has been such a big help with helping me pack!
He would put the shoes in the box and then take them back out haha.
Good job Nix!