Friday, February 24, 2012

Parade of Homes

Parade of Homes 2012

Every year I get so excited for President's Day weekend.  Because that means its time for the Parade of Homes!  This was my 7 or 8th time going.  I love going to get ideas and inspiration for my home and future home.

I love this light!  
They had if hanging on both sides of the bed.

Love this bathtub and the faucet.

Cute little wood planter.

This fireplace is amazing.  I love the concrete bench along the fireplace.

I love the design and color of this tile in the shower.

I like the cabinets and hardware on them.  But not the granite counter tops.  MHPO

Really cute idea.

Rylee, me and JoJo

Fabulous light pendant.

Nixon's fav part of the whole event.

I like this chair.  But I would have chose a different pillow.

Patio furniture.

Wood stump for a coffee table.

I love this secluded backyard with the lava rock and fire pit. It's very mystical.  

I love all the windows!  Our house will have a lot of windows!  
I love the natural light they bring in.

Painted wood panels for the ceiling.

I LOVE this bathroom.  The walls, yellow counter top, 
the tile, the brick laid tile in the shower and the shower curtain!

<3 <3 <3

Nice warm day.

Layered rugs.

My future bathtub;)

I love this bench at the end of the bed. 

My cute Mother, me and JoJo

I thought this was cute.  But it's not really my style.

Cool TV cabinet.

I love the seating in the shower.

I got a lot of fun ideas! 
 And I still have 10 more houses to look at!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Picture Update

My random picture update. Ready go...

These two live in the bath.  I'm not even kidding.

My pretty flowers Evan got me for V day:-)

St. George Parade of Homes.

It rained all  last week.  We even got a little bit of hail.

Out to lunch with the Boys.

Shopping.  Nixon looks pretty excited about it.