Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas Eve...

For Christmas Eve we all got P.J's! And the Girls got matching bath robes.

The Boys showing off their sweet P.J's

As for Nixon he got a Special Christmas Eve Present... Watch and find out what it was:)

We are very excited for our next little one to come and join our Family! My due date is June 20th. So Nix and the Babe will be 14 months apart! Me and my sister are 19 months apart and I loved having a sister that close to me. We wanted to have our first two close so that Nix could have a buddy and then we will do a little gap before we have anymore. We find out what we are having Feb 3rd!! I can't wait!

Christmas Day...
Christmas Morning Nixon slept in until almost 10! a Christmas miracle! So while he was sleeping we ate a yummy Christmas breakfast!

We got lots of fun things for Christmas! I surprised Evan with a Midi key board that he can hook up to the computer and record music with. He was very excited! He had been wanting one for a while. I got a cute dress and belt from Ev and a watch and jewelry and money to this weekends Dillards sale from Evan's parents:)! Nix got lots of clothes, some building blocks, books, toys and a little bike, which he loves! We had a very fun Christmas and we are so blessed to have such a wonderful family to spend it with:)

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eight months

Baby Boy is now 8 months!
  • He crawls everywhere.
  • Pull himself up on to everything.
  • He mimics Ev and I with noises we make like; fake coughing, clicking our tongue and making the elephant sound. My favorite is the fake cough! ha
  • When he's sad he says Mama:) Because he wants me.
  • He loves being tickled by his Daddy.
  • He likes watching cartoons in the morning.
  • He takes two naps a day sometimes up to 3 hours! (I think he likes his sleep like his mama;))
  • He is very determined. When he wants something he will figure out a way to get it.
  • He loves when I hold him by the hands and let him walk around.
  • He loves drinking out of big people cups.
  • H loves his Mommy and Daddy (of course:)) And we love him!
We are so grateful to have you in our lives little Nixon:) You are such a joy and a blessing to us. I thank my Heavenly Father for you everyday:) Love you Baby Boy and Merry Christmas:)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Cousin Dean!

I can't believe Christmas is next weekend!! I am so excited! We are going to do and early Christmas with my family this weekend. And then next weekend we will spend Christmas with Evan's family. It's going to be so much fun!

This is Nix and his Cousin Dean! They are exactly 5 months apart to the day. They have been having some good bonding time!

All of the Babes together! Abi, Hayden, Nixon and Dean!

Mr. Nix is crawling now and pulling himself up onto everything! It's so cute to watch him. He is a very determined little boy.

He LOVES drinking out of big people cups! ha he's so funny. He also loves sucking on ice. I'm sure it feels good on his gums.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Its Santa!!

Last weekend we went to the Festival of Trees and Nix got to sit on Santa's lap! When I was little I was always scared of him and would cry! But Nix was very brave and just sat there and would look up at him ha, it was so cute! Nixon as been a very good boy this year! So I think he deserves some fun toys Santa:)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Little Artist at work!

Yesterday Nix and I were feeling a little crafty so we decided to paint!! Painting is one is one of my hobbies so I thought it would be fun to let Nix try it out:) Hey your never too young to paint! I still remember painting with chocolate pudding when I was young. That was the best! Because then you could eat the paint while you painted. I think Nix was a natural at painting and did some pretty good master pieces! I thought it would be fun to frame them and hang them in his room.

The Artist at work...

I Love little Nixon's personality! he's hilarious! Whenever I feed him he likes to make silly faces and have me laugh at him. It's so cute! I think he's going to be quite an entertainer and like to make people laugh.

When we went to St. George about a month ago, our uncle Gordy made this mold of Nixon's hand and then I painted it. It represents, "hold to the rod" He's a Dentist so he used the molding that they use to mold your teeth! ha. I love it! It will be fun to have when he's older.