Friday, December 30, 2011


I leave the room for 2 mins and look what I come back to!  I think it was in the works... they both looked pretty suspicious.  And then as soon as I left the room they took action!

Look at Jovi's sweet innocent face.  I think Nixon talked him into it.

The instigator

Pretending to swim in the cereal.

He was good to help me sweep it up though:)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

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Christmas Eve Dinner.

We had Christmas Eve dinner over and Grandmas and Grandpa Mayhews this year.  It was so yummy! We each got to choose our favorite dinner sides for the meal so everyone was happy! ha.  It turned out fabulous!  Grandmas dinners always turn out so yummy!

After dinner we did the Nativity.  The little kids dressed up and my Dad read the story of baby Jesus.  This year little Jojo was baby Jesus.

After the Nativity story we opened our Christmas Eve PJ's (Our family tradition)


Christmas this year didn't turn out quite as planned.....
Poor Nixon woke up sick Christmas morning and then the next morning Ev, Me and Jojo woke up sick too.  So we were all sick!! It was horrible:(   We were suppose to go over to my Family's Christmas morning but ended up just staying home with Nixon. 
Luckily, Nixon started feeling a little better in the afternoon so he was able to open his presents and somewhat enjoy them.  Poor little guy.  On a good note, Jovi had fun!  He scooted around and played with all the toys and wrapping paper.

For Christmas Ev's Mom made the boys this TP!  It was the best Christmas present ever!  When Ev was little his Mom made them Tp's just like this one and he remembered having a lot of fun in it.  So he asked his Mom if she could make one for the boys for Christmas this year.  Nixon loves it!  He likes to run in and out of it.  It's cute to watch him get so excited.  I'm not sure who was more excited about it Ev or Nixon... ha

Evan got me some tools for Christmas! ha I'm so excited!  They will be so nice for all the projects I do.

 Uncle Aric got Nixon a rocking horse/lion for Christmas.  He rocks on it and says, "eeee ha!"  Thanks Uncle Arwic!

The Christmas mess!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Our adventure & boys update

Our adventure.

On Sunday, we took a drive to Enterprise to go visit a couple Evan knew from his mission.   It was about a 45 min drive from our house.   It was a fun little road trip!  They boys were so good and took a nap on the drive up.  It was sooo pretty!  

To get to the couples house, we had to put the car into four wheel drive and drive down this muddy dirt road.  After a lot of bumps and a car covered in mud we made it to their house.  

They both are hunters so they had a lot of animal heads on their walls.  Nixon was so fascinated by them.  Most of them they hunted in South Africa!  So cool.

This one was my favorite.  Look at the awesome antlers! Amazing.

On our way back home.  

The boys update.

We just love these two little boys!!!
They are so much fun and keep us busy and entertained!

Jovi Povi's update
-Jojo is now 6 months old.  
-He scoots all over the house.
-Has a huge smile and smiles at everyone.
-He has a cute personality and laughs at everything.  Especially Nixon.
-He likes rice cereal with bananas.
-He doesn't really like his baths.
-He is starting to say dadada and babbles a lot.
-He knows who is mommy and daddy are.
-He gets so excited with Evan comes home.
-He has 3 naps during the day.

Mr. Nixon's update
-Nix is now 20 months old. 
-He will no longer sit in his highchair so I have him sitting in a booster seat at the table.  But he prefers to sit on our laps.
-He is getting really good a talking and knows sentences now. (on Sunday at church he said, "I wuv ew Jesus!"  I was the cutest thing ever!)
-Evan is no longer Daddy to Nixon... He is Babe.  He will go around the house and say, "Baaabe where are eww?"
-When I hold him he pats my back and rubs it.  haha I love it!
-Some of his favorite snacks are;  pretzels, string cheese, fisheys, peanut butter nutella pancakes, yogurt, grape nut flakes cereal and of course candy and chocolate!
-Lately his favorite movies are Elmo, Shrek and Tangled.
-He is really good at saying, please, thank you and just started saying, welcome! when I tell him thank you.
-He is doing pretty good with going in his potty.  I'm going to get some disposable clothe diapers to help get him use to the idea of wearing underwear.
-He LOVES his blankey and almost has a melt down if jovi tries to grab at it.  Oh my..
-He loves to sing.
-He loves story time with Mommy or Daddy.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Live More Simple

So our washer broke this week:/  Perfect timing with Christmas right around the corner.  Oh well. 
 Evan and I were watching No Impact Man last night and were VERY inspired.  Lately we have been trying to cut back on things, eat more healthy, get up earlier, watch less TV and do more family activities.  That's part of the reason we started our design blog so that we could work on projects together.    After watching this documentary we were more inspired to keep improving our lives and take it a step further to Live More Simple and be less wasteful.  That's going to be our family motto.

So this week instead of taking our clothes to the laundry mat.  We washed our clothes in the bathtub.  It was actually a lot of fun.  Nix and I danced and splashed around on the clothes.  He loved it!  

When I went to Italy to Nanny, I learned how to live a more "simple" life and really enjoyed it.  I would wash my clothes and then hang them out to dry.  Every Tuesday and Thursday they had a farmers market that I would "walk" to and buy fresh produce. Mmmm.  I walked everywhere and took a bus or train.  The food was so amazing and very simple.  On their salads all they use is olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  The food is so fresh with less preservatives.  On a side note,  the gelato is out of this world!  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  So to get to the point,  I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to go over there to learn and grow.   It was a real eye opening experience and I learned things that I am now applying to my own Family.

Evan's job was to wring out all of the clothes.

Nixon then put all of the clothes in the dryer.

A couple months ago my Mom and Sister went over to my Mom's friends' house to learn how to coupon.  I had heard about it for quite sometime but never really looked into it.  I remember my SIL doing it a couple years ago and she seemed to like it.  After watching Extreme Couponing I thought I would give it a try.  I'm just so amazed at all the money the ladies save with couponing.  It's crazy all the free stuff they get too.  I don't think I will ever get that extreme but it's been nice saving a little money here and there.  My mom and Sister is a lot better at it then I am.  I'm still trying to get the swing of it.  It's been 2 months since we learned about it and I just got my coupon book organized!  Hey I think I'm doing pretty good.

The Boy's Christmas Feet.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!