Saturday, May 28, 2011

Swimming, family and sunburns

We have been having a lot of fun swimming at our pool!
The weather has been so nice and hot this week! I love it.

Haha look at our happy children.

I just love my Sisters!:)

Nix and Haiv swimming with their Daddy's

Nap time.

I kept loading on the sun screen but he still manage to get a sunburn:(

Friday, May 6, 2011

One year old!

For Nixon's first Birthday, we celebrated it in Newport at a Beach house. It was so much fun! I seriously can't believe my little baby boy is already 1! That's just craziness.
He had so much fun playing in the sand! He LOVED it. But didn't love the cold ocean so much. I don't blame him.
For his birthday we played on the beach and then took him to a pet store to look at some puppies. Then later that night The Corbins came over to help us celebrate.
Nix was so funny with his cake. He just liked smashing it and thowing it on the floor.

We love our little Nix so much! We feel so blessed to have him in our life! We love you baby boy! <3 Mommie & Da-da.

One year old
-He knows what a cow is and the sound it makes ha.
-Waves Hi and bye to everyone.
-Stands on his own but hasn't mastered walking yet.
-Makes silly faces and loves to make people laugh.
-Has to hold the corner of his blanky. It's so cute to watch him search for it.
-Plays peak-a-boo
-Sings the first part of patty cake while clapping his hands. (pat-a-ka pat-a-ka)
-Likes to blow on your face ha.
-Has a bottle at night and in the morning.

Playing at the beach!

The Pet Store.

Birthday Cake! Only the best for my baby boy!
Yellow cake with Chocolate frosting mmm mmm!

That weekend we had another bday party for him in St. George to celebrate it with my Family. Thanks to everyone who was able to come help us celebrate! And thanks Mom and Sisters for all your help with the party!

( The cake topper was from Evan's first birthday)

Present time!

Cake time!

Nix's Great Gramma-ma and Grandpa-pa Mayhew

Great Grandpa Sorensen

Thanks everyone for helping us make this a special day! We love all of you!