Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Holidays

We had a great Thanksgiving! This year we celebrated it with Evan's family. It was a lot of fun! We ate yummy food and then played apples to apple, pictionary, mafia, signs and stick in a bucket. It was a full day of fun!! It was also my Mother-in-law and my sisters birthday. So everyone help celebrate their birthdays by eating lots of good food! Nixon ate some mash potatoes, jello and a roll. His favorite was the jello of course. He has a sweet tooth like me!

Mom I can't find my cheerio! haha

Nixon helped me decorate for christmas! It's my favorite holiday! It was quite a job so he was pretty tired by the time we were done:)

O' Christmas Tree O' Christmas Tree

Sunday, November 21, 2010

7 months and still cute as ever!

My Dad came up this weekend and took us to a Jazz game. It was really fun! I had never been to a game before, there was a lot of people there. Whenever they made a basket everyone would cheer and it got really loud! So loud it scared Nix a few times so we got some T.P and stuck in his ears and then after that he fell asleep ha. Thanks for taking us Daddy! We love you.


So Mr. Nixon is now 7 months old!! He is so much fun! Everyday is a blast hanging out with my little guy:) He is very entertaining.

Nixon at 7 months
Hi my name is Nixon James and I am now 7 months old! My Mommy and Daddy tell me everyday how cute I am and how much they love me. I can now get around very well and when I want something I go for it! I especially like finding little things on the floor and sticking them in my mouth! (My Mommy hates when I do this). I love to play in the bath with my toys and splash around and try to swim for them. I love laughing! I like to laugh at things when they fall, Especially people! ha. I am very observant and love to make friends with everyone! I think I charm them with my cute smile:)) I am defiantly a people watcher. I think I get that from my Daddy. I am a very smart boy and catch onto things very quickly! I take 2-3 naps a day and sleep really well through the night (when my teeth aren't bothering me). I love to play in my saucer and bounce around. I enjoy car rides and for the most part they put me to sleep. Well thats about it! Thanks for reading:)

Love, Nixon

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love him:)

This is my favorite time of year! I love the holiday season, It puts me in such a good mood! I love the hot chocolate the Thanksgiving dinner, getting together with family, christmas music, putting up the tree and all the fun decorations! I just love it!

Nixon is getting so big and changing everyday. He's so much fun and such a happy baby! He laughs at everything! I love his little laugh!

Baby Boy got his first two teeth!

He started doing this new thing when he is done and wants to get out of his highchair. He puts in his chin and make a grunting noise hahaha it cracks me up everytime!

We sold our other car so now we just have one car and Evan takes it to work with him so I'm pretty much car-less. So I find fun things to do around the house to help keep me entertained.
I found these chairs at the D.I for 7 bucks! I had fun re- finishing them.

Nixon singing with his Daddy.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

St. George

Last weekend we took a trip to good ol' St. George. It was a fun weekend! We went to Ev's mission companions wedding and Belle's baby shower. While we we're down there we got to see a lot of our friends and family. I miss all of them so much! Nixon got to see 4 of his great Grandparents! They we're all very excited to see him!

Saturday night we went out to Applebee's then bowling! Pretty sure I got the lowest score.

Baby boy is getting so big!!! He he gets up on his knees now and then pushes up on his tip toes ha he's so funny! I got a video of him saying Da-da and Hi!