Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break, Walks and Leprechauns

Spring Break
This last week was a week full of Family fun!  It started out with Family Home Evening on Monday night.  We made dinner and hung out at home with the boys.  After dinner we read them some stories about Jesus.  Nixon is really good at reconizeing him and whenever he sees a picture of him he says, "Jesus!" It's so cute.

Walks and the park.
We were outside a lot this week,  the weather was sooo nice!  We took the boys on some walks, chilled and hung out on our back porch, and went on some more walks.
  We also went to the park with my family and had a picnic, played with the kids on the playground, and played some sand Valleyball.

My little Nixon boy got sick in the middle of the week.  It was no fun at all.  He had a really high fever and didn't want to eat anything.  I'm pretty sure he had strep throat.  It was pretty stressful trying to take care of Nixon and all his needs and Jovi and the house and keeping up on the laundry and cooking meals! With Nixon wanting my attention 24/7 and being sick and kranky, it was very hard to keep on up all of these tasks. I felt so bad for him:( And me!  I always get so stressed when one of the boys get sick.  It's no fun at all. Luckly it only lasted a few days and we made it through, barley... I'm crossing my fingers that Jojo doesn't get it.

Finally got him to eat some chicken noodle soup.

St. Patties Day
For St. Patricks day, I made green pancakes for breakfast! haha don't they look so appitizing??
Later we went to Costco to get a few things.  When we we're parking, we spotted a Leprechaun! I'm not kidding see for yourself! We had to get a picture with him.

The Wedding
My Cousin got married this weekend.  And I was able to be apart of it!  I helped her get all beautified and ready. She looked so beautiful.  The wedding was so nice and turned out perfect. My cousin Miranda, did such an amazing job at putting it all together!  I was able to capture a lot of memorable shots for their wedding scrapbook;) So happy for you guys:)

Date Night
Saturday night I got to go on a much needed date with this studdly man;)  We went to Wingers for dinner and then we to see  Chigaco! It was so awesome!  They put on such a good show!  Evan won VIP tickets and backstage passes.  We were two rows from the front!  We were 2 mins too late to meeting the band:( I was pretty bummed about that.  But we did get two of their guitar picks!

Friday, March 9, 2012

The boys update

The boys update.  
Jovi is getting so big!  And I mean big!  His feet are the same size as nixon!  They share the same Dipes, Socks, Shirts... and a room!  He is catching up to Nixon really fast.  I'm pretty sure he will be passing him up pretty soon.  Nixon is a little skinny mini. I love that they are so opposite,  I think it's so cute.  Jovi is solid, has brown eyes and dark hair.  Nixon is skin and bones, has bright blue eyes and light hair.  I love them both so much!  

Jovi Povi
Jojo will be 9 months on the 18th.  He is such a little sweetheart.  He has been teething these past couple weeks so that has been rough.  I don't think I can remember the last time I was able to sleep through the night without having to be up with one of the boys.... zzzz :/  
Jovi LOVES to eat! Maybe that's why he's more thick them Nix.  He is very strong and pulls himself up onto everything.  He eats everything he can find on the floor! ewwwh.  He is so cute I love him so much!
Morning yoga with Mommy.


He doesn't like shopping as much as I do.

Nixon James
Oh Nixon,  You are so much fun! 
 Nixon has such a cute personality.  He is not shy, makes friend with anyone and everyone, loves to make people laugh,  loves baths (has a least 2 a day)  loves his baby brother, but is not always the nicest to him... we are working on that.  He's a little jabber box and loves to talk.  Probably gets that from his Daddy;)  He is getting better at eating.  His favorite food right now is chicken!  

Some cute things he says,
"ouch I bong my head"
"Jovi where are ewww?"
"Mommy! I wan go bye bye"
"I talk Nana" (I want to talk to Nana)
"oh my goshhhh!"
"I want Babe!"
"Tank ew soo much!"
"Hi jovi Hiiii!"
"Mommy I wan bye bye, gwamma kwade wylee"
 "Hi Babe!, I wan Elmo"

He is Mr independent.

We took the boys to the pet store today.  Nixon liked watching the guinea pigs crawl through their tunnels.  He thought it was pretty funny.

My little Sisters birthdays are a week apart, so on Monday we celebrated them together by taking them to get their ears pierced, shopping for new clothes, and out to lunch.  It was a fun girls day out!

Love my Sisters:) <3 <3 <3

Lunch with the girls and Jovi;)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Plan D

Thing have been pretty crazy and busy lately around the Stowers home.  We have been trying to figure out the next steps in our life...  Things like; where to live, where Ev should work, he's school path, and so on.  Our first plan was to move back up to Salt Lake and live in Evan's Parents studio apartment while he went to school at the U for architecture.  Then plan B was Evan was thinking of going out to install alarms with one of his friends in St. Louis.  Then plan C he was thinking of going out to sale alarms in Washington DC and he would take all of us with him.  We we're getting excited about the idea of moving out to Washington DC but it just didn't feel right.  So now we are to plan D which is to stay in St. George, move into a little bit bigger house.  Evan is going continue to work on his Bachelors in business and work on getting a full time job at AllConnect.  And I am going to continue being a Mom/designer/blogger/expert organizer/diaper changer/....etc.  ;).    We feel really good about our plan D! and hope that it all works out.  And hopefully I can get back to working on my design blog after we get settled into the other house.

I Love Sundays.  It's a nice break from all the activities during the busy week.

My Hansome boys all ready for church!

Everytime I get the camera out now, he runs away.  I would too if I had someone taking picutes of me 24/7!  But hey, can you blame me?!

Throwing a little tantrum because he didn't want to put on his shoes.  I don't even know why I try... as soon as we get in the car, his shoes and socks are on the floor.

Helping me feed baby brother.

Evan set up a little TV in their room and let them watch the lion king last night.  
Nixon was pretty excited about it.

Yesterday, we went with my family to the dog park.  It was Bindi Boos 2nd birthday so my little Sis wanted to take her to the dog park to celebrate.  There was another Great Dane puppy there and they had a blast playing with each other!  It was so cute to watch them.