Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We're Pregnant!

Yay! We're Pregnant! We are so excited! I am 7 weeks along and my due date it April 18th. In 10 weeks we get to see if its a boy or a girl or both!
We were actually quite surprised when we found out we were prego. Evan saw the pregnancy test result first, so he was the one to tell me that we were pregnant. It was really cute, he gave me a kiss and said, (with a smile on his face) "well we're pregnant". I could'nt believe it at first. I had a mixture of feelings going through me. It still doesn't really feel that real to me. I'm sure once I start getting a bump, it will make it seem more real to me!


Jamie said...

i'm glad you are blogging again! it will definitely feel more real once you have a bump. and once you know whether it is a boy or girl!

Kristin said...

YAY! Your blogging!! I absolutely love the pic at the top of you guys. Your too cute! I can't wait to know what you two are having! What an exciting time in your life!!! xoxo

Ashlie Dalton said...

Yay, I hope this means you'll be blogging more! AND you guys are up north right? We need to get us and our little fetuses together. Congrats, that is so exciting!