Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Little Artist at work!

Yesterday Nix and I were feeling a little crafty so we decided to paint!! Painting is one is one of my hobbies so I thought it would be fun to let Nix try it out:) Hey your never too young to paint! I still remember painting with chocolate pudding when I was young. That was the best! Because then you could eat the paint while you painted. I think Nix was a natural at painting and did some pretty good master pieces! I thought it would be fun to frame them and hang them in his room.

The Artist at work...

I Love little Nixon's personality! he's hilarious! Whenever I feed him he likes to make silly faces and have me laugh at him. It's so cute! I think he's going to be quite an entertainer and like to make people laugh.

When we went to St. George about a month ago, our uncle Gordy made this mold of Nixon's hand and then I painted it. It represents, "hold to the rod" He's a Dentist so he used the molding that they use to mold your teeth! ha. I love it! It will be fun to have when he's older.

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Key Family said...

My sister had someone in St.George do those molds for all of her kids. Ive been looking everywhere out here for someone. I should ask my bishop...hes a dentist too:) Fun pictures he painted. I hope the next time were home we can get our 2 cute kiddos together:) Love you.