Wednesday, February 8, 2012

3 year Anniversary

 Nixon painting a Valentine/Anniversary picture for Daddy.

I'm a hopeless romantic...

For our Anniversary, while Ev was at work, I decorated the front room all cute and cheesy;-)  He liked it.  I even got a big ol kiss!

Ewww don't look we're kissing;)

3 year Anniversary

2 year Anniversary

     1 year Anniversary

(What a great picture.  I am 7 months prego with a chubby face and Evan has a perm. Nice.)

For our Anniversary, my cute Mom took the boys for the day while I stayed home and cleaned the house while Ev was working.  When he got home, we went out to dinner at Made in Brazil.  It was so goood.  We ate so much we had no room for dessert!  We were suppose to go and get a hot stone massage, but they couldn't get us in.  I even told them it was our Anniversary!  but that didn't work... So we are going to try and go another day.  After dinner we went and picked up the boys then went home, got them to bed and then snuggled on the couch and watched the voice ha.  It was a good anniversary.  Love you Babe;)

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