Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting ready for Nixon!

I painted this to put above his craddle.

Ev and I bought this outfit for Nixon on our one year Anniversary. That just shows how excited we are! I love the little hat.

I found these little skinny jeans at baby Gap and fell in love with them!! They will go great with his little black Vans :-)

A blanky and burp cloth I made.

His changing table.

Nixons craddle. My Mom and I re-painted it and made the bumper pads for it!


Kristina and Marcel said...

oh my gosh!!!! great job tayli... you have great taste! i'm so excited for you guys... you are going to be AMAZING parents!

Stirling Jessica Addison said...

So cute! I love those skinny jeans and tiny shoes!

Kristin said...

so cute!!! Miss you