Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mr. Nixon's baby showers

34 weeks!

My Mother-in-law did such a great job at throwing Nixon's shower together!

She made all these delicious treats!

The cutest cupcakes ever! I died when I saw them!

These were soo soo yummy!

This is Ev and I when we were little. I hope Nixon gets his hair! ha

Thanks for coming and showing your love a support!

I love this little monkey bath towel! So cute.

Thanks Belle and Miranda for all you did!

Two of my bestest friends!


Kristin said...

how cute was his little shower!!!! and all his little clothes! you look so good by the way!!! 30 days to go! wow your almost done!!

PAUL + ALICIA said...

CUTE TAY! I CANT WAIT FOR BABY NIXON TO BE HERE! I hope I get to meet him! Your shower turned out so cute!

The Key Family said...

tay send me ur email so i can add you to my blog!! i miss you excited for you to have your baby! We had our little girl jan 27..shes amazing and motherhood is the best gift ever:) you look great. my email is

Jamie said...

looked like such a great shower!!!

Brittney and Zach Lundgreen said...

i didn't know you and sandra were such good friends i love her... love the animal theme... when i have a baby i am calling you to decorate.. good luck with everything