Friday, August 20, 2010

four months old!

My little Nix is now four months old! My oh my where has the time gone?? He had his four month check up today, and everything checked out great. He had to get his shots today and wasn't very happy about that:(. I just hate seeing him going from smiley and happy to bright red faced and screaming his guts out. Any Mom would agree with me when I say, shots are no fun:( His Dr., Dr. Gustin, was very impressed with how he is growing and developing. He is already rolling from his back to his belly, which I guess is early for him to be doing . He is very strong in his legs and his neck. She was also impressed with his perfect skin and beautiful blue eyes. She called him a "pretty boy" and said he's going to be a heart breaker with those big blue eyes!

Growth chart

Birth 6.10 lbs 19 in
1 month 8.14lbs 12% 21.38in 41%
2 months 10.36lbs 19% 22.44in 30%
4 months 13.36lbs 20% 25.2in 62%

Now every time I put him down, within seconds he's on his belly! He hates this because he hasn't learned to roll back over and gets stuck on his belly!

Nixon at 4 months
-Smiles all the time
-Laughs when I tickle him
-Still loves his baths
-Rolls over from his back to his belly
-Drinks 6oz every feeding
-Loves to talk
-Loves to people watch
-Wears size 1-2 diapers
-Sleeps 10-11hrs through the night.
-Grabs at his toys and holds onto them
-Still fits into some of his newborn onesis. But for the most part is wearing 3-6mo.

Nixons 4 month old pictures


Kristin said...

he is so cute!!!! i love the pictures!! he his getting so big! i miss him

Tiffany said...

Awe so cute! Love the pictures!

Jamie said...

such a cute post, tay! they really do grow so fast! it's sad, but exciting at the same time. darling pictures!

marissa said...

Those pictures are so funny of the three of them, I love it. I love the video of the rice cereal.