Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rice Cereal

Nixon is growing up so fast! He gets more fun everyday! Everyday is a new adventure full of fun and exciting things for him. He love, loves being outside! And right now it is so so nice! I love the fall weather. We go on a lot of walks with our friends that live right next to us, Marissa and her twins, Hayden and Abigail. They are a day older then Nixon! So its fun to get all our babes together to play.

Out for a walk to the library. Nix was very tired so he fell asleep right away.

Hanging out with his friends!

I get a thumbs up for his new jammies! ha. These really explain him well..
he really is a night owl.

He was really fascinated by the owl print on his jammie pants.
It entertained him for about 5 mins!

I laid him in his car seat for a minute and came back to get him and found him like this... Ha ha he had a big smile on his face like he was so proud he just figured out how to escape!

I just love this little boy!!! Every face expression he makes is just so cute!
He makes my day everyday:) Love you baby boy!

So we tried out the rice cereal.... He is still not loving it! He's so funny. I put a little on his tongue and he starts gagging like its the nastiest thing in the whole world!! And then he looks at me like, "How could you Mommy" So for now we will just stick with formula and try the cereal again in a week or so.


Kristin said...

i love this post!!!! i love the pictures of all the babes!! and my favorite is the expressions pictures! ha ha he makes me laugh! great video too!!! he is getting so big!! miss you guys!

Kristina and Marcel said...

TAYLLLLLIIIII!!!! he is so CUTE! and growing up soooo fast! i come home next week and will be up in your hood the 9th for my dr's appt.! want to do lunch or something?!!! oh and Cohen didn't like rice cereal much so i quickly started adding ina little bit of baby food into it (veggies at first) and that did the trick!

PAUL + ALICIA said...

so you cute tay! I love his little skinny jeans! and his pj's.. capri has always been a night owl too! e Cant wait to see him in a couple days!!