Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun!

We did lots of fun things to celebrate Halloween!

Me and My friend Marissa took our babes to Gardener Village. It was so fun! They have it decorated so cute for Halloween. While we were there we took these pictures of our little munchkins. Everyone that walked by would stop and watch and say, "oh my gosh that is the cutest thing ever! are they triplets??" The next time someone asked us that, I'm going to play along and say they all belong to you Maris! ha

Grandpa Stowers has been growing this pumpkin in his garden all summer for Nix. It turned out to be a cute little pumpkin! Thanks Grampa Stowers!

On Sunday we went over to Ev's parents and ate a yummy dinner and then carved some pumpkins! The Green pumpkin was also grown in Grandpa Stowers garden for little Dean! Grandma Stowers carved it for him. She carved holes all over it and then put gummy warms coming out of the holes. I think they all turned out really cute!

My sister came up from St. George to hang out with us:) It was fun! I love my Sissy. Our friend Chaunie took us out to eat at Olive Garden. Nix LOVED her! He kept pulling on her neck! ha. Belle is having a little girl January 7th! She's going to name her Haiven. She's getting such a cute little belly! Nix can't wait until he can meet his little cousin!

While she was here, we did some fun sewing projects. I made Nix a pumpkin onesie and Belle made Haiven some cute hair bows!

Happy Halloween!

Nix was so funny with the bowl of candy. He would pull the candy out of the bowl and then set it on the ground next to him. This entertained him for about 10 mins! haha.

All in all I think Nix had a fun first Halloween!! Next year will be fun when we can take him out Trick-or-Treating!


Kristin said...

oh how fun!! i love the onesie you made for him! and i love his zebra costume!! Cute that you all carved pumpkins!! i wish i was there! wait is your sis belle?? is she having a baby?? if so congrats to her!!!
we miss all of you!!

PAUL + ALICIA said...

so cute tay! I love his zebra and vampire costume! holidays are the best with kids! Miss you guys!

Tiffany said...

Cute cute! Love the zebra! Did you make that? I am a little disappointed you guys didn't dress up though. Weren't you going to be zookeepers?

Crystal said...

How exciting for Chantelle!