Friday, March 18, 2011

Warm sunny weather

I love change. I change around my furniture and decor all the time. I have been needing a change with my hair... So I had Ev take out my extensions and he added a gold copper color as a low light at the ends of my hair. You can't really see it that good in this pic. Thanks Husband for helping keep your wife happy with her hair;)

It's so weird how different my second pregnancy has been from my first. I'm so busy with Nix that this one is going by so fast! We are getting so excited for Nix little brother to arrive. Only 3 more months!

26 months.

We had a blast in St. George last weekend! The weather was so nice we did not want to leave! Here's some of the fun things we got to do on our trip.

Me and my little Love Bug!

Silly Rylee blowing bubbles in her chocolate milk.
The boys had fun playing some basketball. ( This was the first time I had ever seen Ev play a sport! ha I was in shock.)

Nix and Kwaders are best buddies!

For my little sisters Kandi's b-day we went to the park and had pizza and popsicles. Nix thought it was hilarious when the girls would run up the slide and then slide back down.

Monday night we went up to Red Cliffs for tin-foil dinners, s'mores and a hike! It was so much fun!
After we ate we went on a hike up to the water pools. Aric was crazy enough to jump into the coollld water! Nixon laughed so hard when Aric jump in!
Nixon loved jumping on the tramp with me. It was so nice and sunny! I feel like we have been cooped up in our house from the cold weather for way to long!!

Luckily we weren't on the tramp when the boys got on because they jumped so high it ripped right down the center! Good thing no one got hurt.


Borchardt's said...

well first i cant believe you are having baby two and you look amazing and only have three months..Thank goodness you didn't see me with three months left with my second!! and Second you forgot to call your best friend stari while you were in St George so we could hangout!! So i am officially mad at you right now..but i did love your hair and i cant believe that it is that long..your hair grows so fast!

Kristin said...

1. i love your hair, nice job ev!
2. i love your belly, you don't even look like you have 3 months left.
and 3. i love that little nix, give him a SMOOCH from his auntie!