Monday, June 20, 2011

Jovi Scott Stowers

My boys!

Jovi Scott Stowers


Jovi Scott is finally here! Everything went so well with his birth. We checked in at 10:10pm my contractions were 2 mins apart and I was at 4. I got an epidural at 12pm then they broke my water and two and a half hours later he was here! I only had to push twice and he was out! He was born at 2:24am weighing 7lbs 6oz and 20 inches long and 3 days past his due date.
It was a lot different from Nixon's birth. With Nixon I was in labor for 12 hrs and had to puch for 40 mins and he was 8 days early. I remember being so exhausted. Nix weighed 6lbs 10oz and 19 inches long.
I feel so blessed to have such beautiful baby boys!! I love them so much! I couldn't be happier.


Borchardt's said...

Yeah!! I felt so bad when i read that last post..It is so hard at the end of the pregnancy! He is so cute and i am so excited for you and your family!! Congrats!

Nikki said...

yay congrats tay. glad it all went well...hes a cutie!

PAUL + ALICIA said...

He is so so cute! looks so much like nixy boy! I am glad everything went good!! Miss you guys

Jamie said...

congrats on cute little jovi's arrival! hope you guys are enjoying this special time!