Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Silly Nixon

Nixon is so silly! I love his cute personality! He is so much fun and makes me laugh. He is doing so well with Jovi and makes such a good big brother! I couln't be happier! I just love my boys:)

He's so funny, when he gets up from his nap he likes
to carry his blanky around with his teeth.

Where's Nixon???
On Sunday Nix fell off the table outside and
got a carpet burn under his nose:(

Nixon boy LOVES his baby brother! Its so cute.
He goes up to him and says, "Hi!"
Nixon playing with Jovi's feet ha
Nix sucking on his toes! ha ha

Jovi's first sponge bath. He didn't like it so much.


Kristin said...

oh they are both so adorable! i can't wait to come see you guys in 2 ish weeks!! miss and love you! xoxo

Nikki said...

Oh I'm glad hes adjusting so well:) We will be here I think til Aug. 11 now so YES lets definitely get together!!!