Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Month

One Month old.
My little Jovi is already a month old. He is such a blessing to our little family. We love him so much:) Nixon is doing so good with him. We will be driving in the car and he will look over at Jovi and say, HIIII! It's so cute! I love my boys:)
Jovi is starting to smile a lot at us. It's so cute, when he smiles he has a cute little dimple on his left cheak.

Poor Nix got stung by a bee:(

His eye got swollen from the sting.

He also grabbed my curling iron and burnt his hand! ouchy:(

Nixon fell asleep to Daddy playing the piano. Soo cute

Kristin, Dean and Nana Stowers came to visit us!
It was so much fun to see them! We miss them.

Nana Stowers and the boys

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