Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4th of July and Family reunion

4th of July 2011

Fourth of July weekend we had a family reunion with all our Family on my Dad's side. It was so much fun to see everyone!
On the fourth, we went to the water park on main street, had KFC at my parents and then went out to Leeds to watch the fireworks. Nix loved watching everyone light off their fireworks. He also loved throwing the poppers on the ground, he thought it was funny.

Playing at the splash park.

Nix and Na-Na

Eventhough his face isn't showing it...
He really does love my kisses!!

Little Jovi's first 4th of July.

The Sorensen Family Reunion

Nana and Papa with their grandchillins

Playing at the park with Dad before the fireworks.

Tiff, Belle, Me, Kye, Tare and Jen
Me Sissy's and Bro

Me and my Brother Sky Sky

Me and Tare Tare

The End.

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Nikki said...

Cute pictures:) Did your husband tell you hi for me? I saw him at TA when Jaclyn was doing my hair...I didn't know he worked there. I used to before I moved. I miss you. Were here til the middle of August so we need to set up a time to get together!!! Miss you Tay.