Friday, September 2, 2011


I do alot of blogging about the boys so I decided to do one about what Ev and I have been up to lately...

In July we went down to Vegas to NAHA's (North American Hair Stylist Awards) It was fun to get away just the two of us:) We went shopping and then went and had dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory!!! It was soo yummy! After dinner we headed over to Mandalay Bay For the NAHA's.

Tabatha Coffey.(The host of salon take over)

In August we celebrated these 3's bday's
Happy Birthday Papa Mayhew, Daddy and Ev!!

A couple weeks ago I had my first Zumba experince.
It was so much fun!
If you have not yet had the Zumba experince..
I would highly recommend it!

My Hub's is now back in school. He is working on his Bacholours in Business and Administrations at Dixie State. This semester he is taking 18 credits so he is going to be a very busy man!

Ev and I started learning Italian. It's been fun to brush up on my Italian. In Nov it will be 5 years since I last went there to Nanny. That's crazy to think about.
One of our goals is to go there some day so I can show Ev around! I can't wait for that! I really love it over there.
Ev is getting pretty good at his Italian:) I mean what girl doesn't want to be spoken to in Italian?
It's the language of love!

Ho vissuto in Italia per tre mesi.
L'Italia รจ bella!!

my sweet Italian look ha


and Pietro (Cutest Italian boys in Italy!)

I started teaching my little Sisters art lessons once a week.
These are their first paintings.
I think they did a fabulous job!

The picture I had them copy.

For more important news... I Just LOVE these two!!!!


The Fowlks' said...

Blogs need to have a "like" this is me "LIKING" your posts! :)

Kristin said...

Very cute post!! Wow that is a lot of credits!! Go evan! The two babes are adorable! Live you guys and miss you!!!! Xoxo