Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nixon update & Halloween fun

WARNING a bunch of rambling about my Nixon and what he has been up to lately...
Nixon James, you are growing up too fast! I am so glad I started blogging when he was born. It's been fun to look back on and see what he was doing at Jovi's age. He is talking a lot now and makes us laugh everyday. He has such a cute sense of humor. He will hit himself on the head and say, "oohhh" as he falls to the ground haha. He also does a little dance where he puts this arms in the air and twists his wrist and sticks out his tongue. Pretty sure he learned his moves from his Daddy;) He calls his little brother JoJo and loves him so much:) He knows how to sign drink and food. He understands a few Italian phrases, aprire la bocca (open your mouth) qui (here) di piu (more) venire qui (come here). And when I say, baci! (kisses) he goes, "mmmm waa" and gives me a big kiss:) Some cute things he says... When he wants me to follow him he will say, "mon" and gestures his hand to follow him. When something falls or he throws something he says, "uh oh!" When he has a messy diaper he says, "ewww poo poo" When he wants something he says, " I wan some" And then I will say how do you ask? and he says, "peeeease" When ever I put a hat on him he says, "awwwww" haha he got that from me. If I say, Nixon where is _____? he will say, "I dun know" while shaking his head. Whenever he sees me or Ev putting on our shoes he says, "bye bye" and runs to the door. When he wants to go play outside he says, "side peeease" If I say, want to take a bath? He says "baaaaf" and runs to the bath tub. Often he tries to get in the bath with his clothes on! haha. He says Aric really well, "Arrwic" and Rylee, "Wyyylae" and Haiven. He says Mommy and Daddy very well. We have been teaching him how to pray and during conference when someone would say Jesus Christ in their talk he would say, "Amen!" haha so cute. He knows several animals and the sounds they make. Whenever he sees a dog on TV or in person he says, "woo woo". He knows where is eyes, nose, mouth, belly, toes, head and ears are. He has turned into quite the picky eater!:/ I have to distract him or try to make eating fun. I figured out one trick if I put the food on the end of a pretzel stick he usually does pretty good at eating. We love you so much Nixon boy!

Happy Halloween!

Last week we made halloween pictures
with the kid's hands and feet..


Nix also did a Halloween painting.




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Kristin said...

oh what a fun activity!! that little nix is getting so smart!! love and miss you guys!!!