Monday, October 3, 2011

Conference Weekend

I love conference weekends. When I was a wee one I remember I couldn't wait for conference to be over so I could go play.... Now I get kind of sad when it's over because I want to hear more!!

I also remember as a child we made a tent to watch conference in. So I thought it would be fun to make a tent this year for Nix. After I got done making the tent Nix got sooo excited and started running in and out of it screaming with excitement haaha it was so funny.

On Sunday we drove up to Kolob Mountain while we listened to the last session of conference with my family. When it was over we had a picnic up in the mountains by the lake. It was sooo gorgeous up there!!


Skipping rocks in the lake

We have a picture at this same spot we took 6 years ago. We are just missing Belle, Dan anf Haiven.

On our way up we passed by this beaUtiful field. I just couldn't pass it up so I had my little brother Caleb snap some shots of us. Thanks Brother:) And thanks Husband for letting us take so many pictures all the time!;) I'm kind of a picture-holic.

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