Monday, January 23, 2012

The Garden

I am so excited!!! Me and my Mom started preparations for our gardens! 

Last week we took a trip to get some compose/poop ha to lay in our garden beds.  We had to shovel all of it out of the trailer and bring it to the backyard.  This processes took about 3 hours!  The next couple days my back and arms were pretty sore from shoveling.  I guess I used muscles I haven't for a while.  
It was a fun day hanging out with my family.  Everyone took a turn helping shovel out the poop!  Even my little Sisters helped.  While we were shoveling, me and my little brother made up a song about shoveling poop.  haha It was pretty funny. I won't share it with you...  I can't wait until we can start planting!

Random things that happened last week.
My little Brother found my long lost ipod touch.  yay!!! Thanks brother!

Nixon started calling me Tayli... and he still calls Evan Babe.  I have too keep reminding him, I'm Mommy!.

We went out to eat with some friends and family for my BIL birthday.

We had a good rain storm!

Jovi finally loves his baths and splashes like crazy!  I pretty much get a shower when I bath him.

Went on a fun date with my sugar muffin;)to  Homedepot, cafe rio (got a free meal!) and then baskin robbins mmmmm.

Started some "spring cleaning"

Got some ideas for fun posts this week for the design blog.

Got a new calling!  We are now in charge of teaching family history.  We are so excited!  We have been wanting to learn how to do it, so now this will help us learn!

Evan figured out what he wants to be when he grows up;)....  He is going to go into Architecture!  We are both so excited about his decision.

Bath time!

Thanks for reading our blog! xoXox

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