Monday, March 5, 2012

Plan D

Thing have been pretty crazy and busy lately around the Stowers home.  We have been trying to figure out the next steps in our life...  Things like; where to live, where Ev should work, he's school path, and so on.  Our first plan was to move back up to Salt Lake and live in Evan's Parents studio apartment while he went to school at the U for architecture.  Then plan B was Evan was thinking of going out to install alarms with one of his friends in St. Louis.  Then plan C he was thinking of going out to sale alarms in Washington DC and he would take all of us with him.  We we're getting excited about the idea of moving out to Washington DC but it just didn't feel right.  So now we are to plan D which is to stay in St. George, move into a little bit bigger house.  Evan is going continue to work on his Bachelors in business and work on getting a full time job at AllConnect.  And I am going to continue being a Mom/designer/blogger/expert organizer/diaper changer/....etc.  ;).    We feel really good about our plan D! and hope that it all works out.  And hopefully I can get back to working on my design blog after we get settled into the other house.

I Love Sundays.  It's a nice break from all the activities during the busy week.

My Hansome boys all ready for church!

Everytime I get the camera out now, he runs away.  I would too if I had someone taking picutes of me 24/7!  But hey, can you blame me?!

Throwing a little tantrum because he didn't want to put on his shoes.  I don't even know why I try... as soon as we get in the car, his shoes and socks are on the floor.

Helping me feed baby brother.

Evan set up a little TV in their room and let them watch the lion king last night.  
Nixon was pretty excited about it.

Yesterday, we went with my family to the dog park.  It was Bindi Boos 2nd birthday so my little Sis wanted to take her to the dog park to celebrate.  There was another Great Dane puppy there and they had a blast playing with each other!  It was so cute to watch them.

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