Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nixon is Turning 2!

I can't believe he is going to be 2! {tear}
Nixon is turning 2 on Friday.  Seriously where has the time gone? 
If feel like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital as brand new parents.

Nixon is such a smart little man.  And when I say smart, I meant genius! really.  I will teach him something once and he will remember it.  When he sees letters or words he starts singing, H,I,J,K,L,emeno,peeee.  He has and amazing memory and hardly ever forgets things. Yesterday we took him to get pizza and as soon as we pull up to Pizza Hut he looks out his car window and says, Yay Pizza!" 

Last night he wanted to watch Shrek but I couldn't find it anyway!  I searched the house and then finally said to him, "Nixon, where is Shrek? I can't find it"  He runs into my room, gets on the bed and points down at our headboard and says, "I fine it!" and there it was stuck between our headboard and the wall.  Genius I tell you.  

He is so much fun! I feel like I have a little buddy I can talk with and sing with all day long. We like to sing and our house.  Some of the most common ones you would hear if you were here would be, Ol' Mcdonald, ABC's, If your happy and you know it, Popcorn popping and the Wonder Pets theme song, You know, all the good ones.  I love my little Nixon! And yes he will always be my "little" Nixon:)

Here are some Pictures I took of Nixon, Kwade and Jovi.
Nixon's Nana made this awesome TeePee!

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Kristin said...

ahhhhhh!! he is so stinkin cute! what great pictures! I wish we could be there to celebrate! happy birthday NIX! auntie kris loves you!