Friday, April 27, 2012

Our new place

We moved into a house last week! We are so excited and have been having a lot of fun at our new place. It is do nice to have more room! I just posted some pics of it on my design blog,

Wednesday was my 25th bday! 25 whoa. Evan took me to Vegas while my mom and sister took care of the boys for us. We had a blast! We ate some good food, did lots of shopping and met up with one of my best friends for dinner. It was a great birthday!:)

Today my Sister and I took the kids to go feed the ducks. They had fun! Nixon was so excited to go see the duckies. When we were leaving he told them bye and that he loved them haha little cutie.

I have pictures from Nix bday I will post soon I'm just waiting for our Internet to be hooked up. Right now I just have to blog from my phone.

Well I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking...

I can't figure out how to organize the pics on my phone so they are way out of order, sorry!

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