Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love him:)

This is my favorite time of year! I love the holiday season, It puts me in such a good mood! I love the hot chocolate the Thanksgiving dinner, getting together with family, christmas music, putting up the tree and all the fun decorations! I just love it!

Nixon is getting so big and changing everyday. He's so much fun and such a happy baby! He laughs at everything! I love his little laugh!

Baby Boy got his first two teeth!

He started doing this new thing when he is done and wants to get out of his highchair. He puts in his chin and make a grunting noise hahaha it cracks me up everytime!

We sold our other car so now we just have one car and Evan takes it to work with him so I'm pretty much car-less. So I find fun things to do around the house to help keep me entertained.
I found these chairs at the D.I for 7 bucks! I had fun re- finishing them.

Nixon singing with his Daddy.

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Kristin said...

Oh I just love him too!! Love the teeth pic I cannot believe he has teeth!! and the video is great!
see you in 3 WEEKS!!
I may be calling you again soon ;)