Monday, December 5, 2011

Letters to Santa

Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree
 Finally got our tree up! I hand-made all the ornaments this year so it took longer to get it all decorated.  You can check them out on our design blog.

Letters to Santa.
Today we wrote letters to Santa with the Boys.  Nixon had fun coloring on the letter and Jovi had fun eating it!

Last week we had fun playing in all the leaves at my parents house.  When I was little me and my Sisters love to play in the leaves! We would rake paths and then make big piles and jump into them.  Good memories

Nixon went potty today!!! I was so surprised!  I was changing his dipe and he kept trying to get away.  He was saying, "pee pee, pee pee!" So I let him go and he ran to his potty and went!  We were so excited!  And so was Nixon!

My cute cousin sent us a Nixon fanny pack in the mail the other day.  Thanks Tare Tare for the awesome fanny pack! You are so sweet:)  I will totally rock it haha.


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Kristin said...

oh my goodness! so cute! i need to get dean his own potty! jov is so adorable! and your hair is getting long! yeah i love it! sure do miss u guys! great job on all your projects! i love that blog!!!