Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just for fun

I thought it would be fun to post these... Before I met Ev I use to go play open mic on Saturday nights. It was a lot of fun! I haven't really played much after I had Nix but I really need to try and get back into it.

My first time meeting Ev was actually at one of his shows in St. George. After I saw him play I was in love! I always had a thing for Musicians but he was definitely top of the line:). How could you not fall in love with a lead singing  bass player :-)

Here is Ev and his band, Postcards Home, playing a song he wrote called Collide.

*If you let it load first for a little it won't keep pausing while you try to watch it.

I'm kind of embarrassed posting this video of myself... but here we go. This is different clips of me playing open mic singing two different songs I wrote, "Memories in Time" and "Please Stay" Here it goes....

And last but of course not least! We have the young rising star.... Nixon James Stowers playing his soon to be a hit, "Baby jam!"


Key Family said...

Thatda girl Tay:) I want to learn guitar..I think it'd be fun. I still can't believe how BLONDE your hair is....remember when we hung out every day and it was so dark. I love it short it looks way cute in these videos.

You and your husband seem so cute together!! I can't believe Ive only met him once at your wedding!


tayli! your are dang good! i never you knew you sang or played the guitar! seriously...your amazing and ev is too and we die over nix... we need to get together whenever we find ourselves back in UT