Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am 10 months old!

10 Months.

My Nixon James will be 10 months old tomorrow! He is so much fun and is such a joy in our lives! He has such a cute personality and always know how to make you laugh! He makes friends with everyone everywhere we go. He is such a smart little boy and mimics different sounds we make. He knows what ba-ba (bottle) and bye bye means. He loves when I read books to him and he loves when I crawl around on the floor with him and chase him around. He thinks is so funny and usually does a few face plants while trying to get away from me. He also loves when his Daddy plays the tickle game with him! It's so cute to watch. I just love my boys:)

Yesterday morning I put him in his saucer to watch some cartoons and this is how I found him!

This little boy is so silly! So you know how most kids have a favorite blanky or stuff animal? Well this little boy has a favorite block! It goes almost everywhere with him. The tub, his crib, church, the car.. He also likes to bang it on things like our glass coffee table... He even crawls while holding it in one hand. I'm quite inpressed with how long he carries it around with him. I can always hear him when he's crawling around on the tile!

I just love my little family!:)

This week I have been in a very creative mood. So I decided to paint our master bedroom. I lined the wall with white contact paper, you know the stuff that people use to line their drawers with, and then I painted over it. I made sure to overlap the contact paper so that no paint would seep through onto the wall. It was pretty easy and I am very pleased with the outcome! Its amazing what a little color can do to a room.

A couple weeks ago I took some pictures of my cute little niece Haiven Rae. You can see more pictures of her on my photography blog!


chris said...

oh he is adorable!!!
i love your bedroom and that idea is great...i am def doing that when i move!!
miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chris said...

that was kristin!!!! lol

marissa said...

HAHAHA I thought that was Chris when I first read that comment, i was laughing so hard! Anyway that turned out so cute!!! how did you do the flower thing?