Thursday, February 10, 2011

I LOVE....

I LOVE to decorate! I have been thinking a lot of being an Interior Designer. I've taken a class in the past and have helped with decorating a house for the Parade of Homes and I absolutely love it! But for now I will just keep decorating my own home.
So on days when I am looking for something to do I aways find myself changing my furniture around or finding more ways to improve my apt. So yesterday I did our bathroom. I found some old frames and painted them black and put some pictures of Dandelions in them. And also did a painting to match with the color scheme. It was fun! I haven't painted for awhile and I really have missed it! I seriously can't wait until we can get into our own home and I can paint and decorate it how ever I want!

Mr. Nix got his third tooth and is working on his fourth! Look at that cute smile!! Oh and he loves his baths again! Thank goodness

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