Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 The Zebra and the Cow.


(Nixon last Halloween)

Miss Haiven

Mr. Kwade

Treat or treating!

We took Bindi trick or treating with us.  All the kids loved her and 
kept coming up to pet the BIG puppy.

Nixon loved trick or treating!  He loved that everyone kept giving him candy!  He always had to have a couple pieces in each hand! If i tried to put them in his bag he would get mad and scream because he thought he wouldnt get it back.  

Someone asked him to moo before they would give him the candy 
and he totally did!  Haha Anything for candy right.

Nix's first time trick or treating.

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haha that is so cute that he moo'ed! i love their little costumes! so cute!