Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Are you MoneyWise?


    Evan and I are doing a new business called Moneywise.   It is helping us learn how to budget our money better and so much more. It's amazing to see where your money goes and how much money you can save when you track it and see where it goes. You might say, I can budget my money on my own... Yes you can, we were there too. But moneywise offers so much more and has seriously helped us out so much.  Some of the benifits include;  Tracking your credit score without hurting it,  tools on how to improve your credit score,  idenity theft protection and debt elimination tools.   On top of all of that we are making money with Moneywise! 
       A program that helps you manage and budget your money and makes you money! How great is that?!  If you are interested in learning more about Moneywise contact Evan or I.  If not no worries:) We are just really excited about it and want to share it with everyone!


    Go to these websites and see what it's all about.  You won't be sorry you did;)




    Also check out this awesome moneywise video of the festival of colors!!!

    MoneyWise Archive - MoneyWise Colors

    Are you moneywise?

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