Monday, September 20, 2010

Five Months!

My Lil Nixon James is now 5 months old! He is such a little cutie. He laughs at everything and everyone. He is such a happy baby. Everyone always comments on what a good baby he is. He is such a joy in our life!

Nixon at 5 months
-He loves to laugh
-He smiles at everyone
-He LOVES his Daddy. He stares at him and watches his every move. It's so cute!
-He gets a huge smile on his face whenever he sees his Mommy or Daddy.
-When he's sad he says mama ma ;)
-He's up to 7 oz of formula
-He eats rice cereal and baby food.
-Still loves his baths and splashes around like crazy!
-Rolls over all over the place
-He's a people watcher
-He grabs at our faces
-He always tries to suck on my chin! Ha Ha. One time he started sucking so hard, I almost got a hickey!
-He covers his face with his blanky when he goes to sleep.
-He refuses the bink and would rather suck on his fingers or his blanky.

I love you my baby Nixon and always will!! Love Mommy:)


Key Family said...
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Key Family said...

5 months OLD. such a bittersweet feeling huh tay. He does look a lot like you too I think:) miss you!

PAUL + ALICIA said...

i cant believe how fast time is flying! did you know that when babys touch people faces its their way of showing affection? well thats what i have heard anyways :) haha anyways he is such a cutie, i love that little man! I cant believe he drinks 7oz! Capri has never done that! Even now she wont, so that is so awesome! Miss you guys!