Saturday, September 18, 2010

WHaT wE hAvE BeEn Up to LateLy

Well we have tried almost all the baby foods, and as of right now his favorite is bananas! But can you blame him?? it's so yummy! I still remember sneaking bites of it when my Mom would feed my little sisters. Mmm mmm! He doesn't mind the squash but he's not much of a fan when it comes to the veggies. I did try them first before he had a taste of the yummy fruit but he wouldn't keep it down. He just kept spitting it out with a discussed look upon his face. So we will just have to keep working on that.

This week went jogging at liberty park with our friends Marissa, Hayden and Abigail. It was nice to get outside and do some sort of exercising, I'm so bad at that. The weather felt so nice!
I just love this time of year!

This weekend Me, Nix, Ev and Aric went to the Salt Lake County fair. We saw all kinds of animals from pigs to horses to sea lions. We also went down the giant slide and sacks and then danced to Poker face on dance dance revolution. I so wish we would have got a video of it. It was hilarious to watch Ev and Aric dance to it! They got some pretty sweet moves. Then we went and looked at some pretty amazing artwork and got Nix's name written in Japanese's. It was fun to get to spend some time with my Hubby. It feels like forever since we had a day to play. He's so busy now with working two jobs and going to school. He works so hard for our little family. I'm so blessed to have him as my Husband:) Love you Babe<3

The first symbol means, sincere/ Obedient. The second symbol means, Eternity. And the last one means, mountain. ha.

Me and my little Monkey poo! I just love him so very much!!!

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Kristin said...

what a fun weekend! Love the pictures! Nixon is getting so big!!! I love the pics of him eating his food!!!!! ha ha! I love that you and Maris are hanging out. she is the best! love ya