Saturday, September 11, 2010

Labor day weekend

I found these pictures of Evan and I smiling very similar in our Baby photo albums. The other day I was taking pics of Nix and was able to capture the same open mouthed smile haha. I love it. It's funny cause everyone says Nix looks like Ev, but when you look at our baby pics he looks a lot like me! What do you guys think??

Kara came to visit from Michigan for Labor Day weekend. It was fun to get to see her again! It was her first time meeting Nixon. They had some good bonding time:) She was here for her birthday, so we got to celebrate it with her! Hope you had a good birthday! We love you :)

She got him to fall asleep on her shoulder twice, it was so was cute! That's one of my favorite things. I love to cuddle my babe! And now the only time he will let me is when he is drinking his bottle or asleep.

Nix already knew how to stick his tongue out but not this far! Thanks for teaching me my new trick Aunt Kara! It's my new favorite thing and I do it all the time!

Becca made a yummy steak lunch for Labor Day! I love BBQ's with the family.

Hanging out with Grampa and Uncle Aric.

Hanging out with Daddy.

Laughing at Daddy!

Saturday night my Dad and Brother's came up and stayed with us. It was fun to get to see them! Nixon kept smiling and laughing at them. He probably thought they were funny looking ;) Love you guys!

Nix and Uncle Sky.
Nix and Uncle Celp.

Oh man, my baby boy is getting so big!!!!

He has almost out grown his bouncy chair!

And he is great on his tummy and rolling over is a piece of cake! Before we know it, he will be crawling!!

Love you my little chub-a-lub!!!!!


Kristin said...

what a great post! i love all the pictures!! Nix is totally a mix of you and evan when you put all those pic's together. i am loving your long hair! i miss little nix!!! i miss him!!

Kristina and Marcel said...

oh my gosh! he is so big! he really does look so much more like you as a baby which is funny because i thought he looked like Evan!! i'm excited to see you guys soon!