Friday, May 11, 2012

Almost Walking

Jovi is getting so close to walking!!!  He loves walking around with his walker, It's so cute watching him.  It will be so fun to have him walking so that he can keep up with his older brother.

Here's a little video I caught of him walking.  Nixon starts it off by saying, "ready, set, GO!"

The Water Park.
Earlier this week, my Sisters and I took the kids to the water park on main.  They love it there.  Jovi actually got in the water this time.  I was very proud of him;)

The Carousel.
I set Nix up on the horse and he got so scared! haha.  So I hopped on the back with him and he thought that was so much fun.

We love bubbles at our house.  Both the boys go crazy chasing the bubbles a trying to pop them.

Out to Lunch.
My Uncle Gary was here this week. He spoiled us by taking us all out to lunch!  We had fun. Thanks again!

We were so excited to find out that there was cotton candy for dessert! Mmmm I love me some cotton candy! Nummy num num

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