Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where is the pause button?

My little toe head energetic baby boy is growing up so fast! 
These past couple of weeks we have been teaching Nixon how to pray.
 It is so so cute to watch him kneel down and pray for everybody in the family, Gramma, Nana, Gwampas, Momma, Jovi, Daddy (or sometimes Babe.) really just depends on the night.  And then he will list some of his Aunts and Uncles.  Little moments like these I wish there was a pause button I could push.  Maybe that's why I love taking pictures so much? so that I can pause and capture ever moment I can to help me remember it.  
This was him praying last night, it was just so cute I had to sneak a picture of him!

Yesterday was a good day.  My sweet family came over to spend the day with us.  The boys played in the pool while my cute Mother helped me fold laundry outside on the table and my little Sister, Kandi painted her nails on the porch.  It was too nice of a day to spend it inside.

Last night after I tucked all the boys in, (including Evan)  I started thinking that It's crazy how much Nixon looks up to us and how important it is for us to be good examples to him.  He mimics EVERYthing we say and do.  The good and the bad!  Sometimes he says things I have no idea where he got.  So we just correct him and say "no that's not a nice word", or "no we don't say that".  He is only 2 so I don't expect him to be perfect at it.  But I think it's good to still try and teach him now while he's young because  he really is a fast learner.  Anyways sorry I'm rambling now.  So what I think I'm trying to say is that I didn't realized how important it is to be a good example until I had kids.  It just makes me want to try a little harder to be a little better,  that's all. 

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I love you and your cute little family! its sad we never get to see you guys! I love that you get to see your family a lot!