Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pizza & Cake

Evan, (aka the handsome one) started a new job last week and has been working so hard lately. He is so good to us:) 
Last night I thought it would be fun to surprise him and do something fun as a family.

While the boys napped I turned on some Feist and started preparations for dinner. I search through the kitchen cupboards and decided I wanted to make home made pizza with a fresh garden salad to go with it. 

 I hurried along because I only had an hour left before the boys would be up and Evan would be getting home shortly after that. I wanted it to be all ready before he got home. I decided it would be fun to have a picnic in the front room so I laid a big blanket out on the front room floor. Then the boys got up. 

 Nixon loves to help me in the kitchen he likes to be right in the middle of everything.  He found a cake box In one of the cupboards and started begging me to make it, "I wan birfday cake PLEASE!" he said repeatedly until I finally gave in and thought what the heck and we made the burfday cake. We also may or may not of danced in the kitchen while making it. Okay so we did.  Nixon thinks its a rule to dance whenever there is music playing. 

Right before the handsome one got home I lit a candle just for fun and to help freshen up the air. The scent was Caribbean Salsa.  I love it.
He was so excited to see all of us when he got home, just as he always was:) We put on 101 Dalmatians and sat on the blanket in front of the TV for a nice enjoyable evening together.

How could you not love that handsome face?
{Oliver Milton Stowers}
aka "Ollie"

"More cake please!"
How come it's never,  "More salad please?!"


The Fowlks' said...

Love you guys!! I will probably be having a picnic in our living room very soon!

Jordi and Dallan Lee said...

FOR FUN! This is very cute! Pizza, cake, dalmatians movie, new doggy, fun loving family. Picture perfect I tell you. Picture perfect. :)